Post-Relational Database Command Reference
BASIC Language Reference
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ALPHAReturns true if the value is aphabetic.
ATANCalculates the arc-tangent.
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BITANDPerforms a logical AND at the bit level on two values.
BITNOTPerforms a logical NOT at the bit level on two values.
BITORPerforms a logical OR at the bit level on two values.
BITXORPerforms a logical Exclusive OR at the bit level on two values.
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CALLTransfer control to a subroutine, with the expectation that control will transfer back when the subroutine encounters a RETURN.
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NUMReturns true if the value is numeric.
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QRYMETHODSends a query through a data connection object.
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XLATENative Table command which translates data against another table without a formal table open.
XMLPopulates a table with data from an XML document.
XOGETPROPERTYGets a connection object property.
XOINSTANCECreates a connection object property.
XOMETHODExecutes a connection object property.
XOSETPROPERTYSets a connection object property.
XREFConverts a literal or variable based on a supplied set of rules.
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YIELDYields control to the operating system, allowing pending WIMP events to play out.

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Post-Relational (adjective) relating to databases which are a superset of SQL and XML, offering highly structured data with both relational and multi-value approaches available.

PRDB Reference (noun) repository of commands, concepts, and code designed for the various Post-Relational databases.