Post-Relational Database Command Reference
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CLEARDEPRECIATED. Used to clear all variables. This hides typographic errors in variables and is considered poor programming practice.
COMMONUsed to declare variables which persist after the completion of a called routine.
COUNTCounts the number of delimiters.
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DATEReturns the current date in internal format.
DCOUNTCounts the number of delimited fields.
DEBUGInvokes step-through mode for testing.
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STRCreates a repeating string.
SYSTEMThis is a way to get a lot of different data from the system. Some is generic to the entire system, some is specific to the state of your session.
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COUNTExample of different counting options.

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Post-Relational (adjective) relating to databases which are a superset of SQL and XML, offering highly structured data with both relational and multi-value approaches available.

PRDB Reference (noun) repository of commands, concepts, and code designed for the various Post-Relational databases.